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Prestare Finance (Prestare) is a lending protocol that offers a lower collateral ratio and can even support under-collateralized loans with almost any assets, without using off-chain information. Compared with other lending protocols, we bring greater capital efficiency to catalyse DeFi growth and adoption.
Under-collateralized borrowing is achieved by allowing the borrower to use a portion of the previously accumulated interests as collateral to borrow more funds next time. SoulBound Token containing credit scores for all users needs to be minted if users want to borrow on Prestare. Users with higher credit scores can have a loan with a lower collateral ratio.
Unpermissioned listing is introduced to Prestare by adopting isolated asset tiers. Prestare allows its users to determine which assets are listed. Assets on Prestare are divided into different tiers according to their risk. Users putting certain tier assets as collateral can only borrow the money from the corresponding tier pool out. If prices of low-tier assets are manipulated, only deposits in the particular tier will be affected. Risks are minimized.

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